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  • * The entire set of 4 boxes are stackable! They fit easily in the trunk of a vehicle
  • * Mechanism is self arming. No need for manual "cocking" of the device
  • * Launches multiple types of rewards (rolled towels, kongs, tennis balls, etc...)
  • * Adjustable launch height with just the turn of a knob
  • * Made of durable ABS plastic which is easily cleaned and won't retain odors
  • * Launching mechanism is easily removable for placement in remote locations
  • * The tapered design won't tip over even with the most "enthusiastic" canine
  • * Odors can be changed in seconds, including distractors (cutting agents, etc...)
  • * Remote control works from up to 200 feet away
  • * Includes 4 boxes, launcher, remote, battery, charger, and sample holders
  • * All components can also be purchased separately (visit our price list link)

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